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The purpose of English essay writing, for example in literature, is to enrich student’s knowledge about the writers, their works, and literature features. English essay writing begins with the analysis of the assigned topic.

It is important to formulate a clear thesis statement at the beginning of English essay writing process!

Thesis statement will help you to set the direction of writing process, and help you to decide on the sources you need to read and literature you need to examine. Topic predetermines the objectives of English essay writing as well is organization of materials and formatting (it may be required to describe the literary hero; to write comparative analysis of key characters, etc.). It is strongly recommended to take a look at a couple of English essay writing samples and English essay writing process examples prior to paper planning.

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Once the topic is chosen, it is time to define goals and objectives of English essay writing. You need to decide what kind of arguments to include and write down an outline. In addition, you need to systemize the materials, choose quotations, and start writing.

Keep in mind that introduction is written last!

You may not know about the content of your English essay prior to writing. It is not a secret that in the course of researching and writing you will come across numerous ideas that might be useful for your English essay and that will definitely shape the format. Students should rely on the analysis of the literary works, but you do not need to substitute analysis by abstract reasoning that is not associated with the analysis of literary works. Read an essay written by your friend and keep at as an English essay writing example. You should remember a strong rule:

Your academic essay writing should consist of introduction, main body, and conclusion!

Introduction includes thesis statement. Main body presents arguments that support your thesis statement. Each paragraph of main body should have a topic sentence. Conclusion only summarizes your main ideas and restates thesis statement. All paragraphs should be logically connected.

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