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The below samples of essay writing are offered to give you some idea of papers written by our professional writers. You may freely use topics for your own research. You may freely take advantage of any sample essay provided below. Essay writing example can give you a starting point of paper writing. Essay writing sample is a short summary of the paper delivered to our customers. We do not post full papers because we appreciate trust of our clients. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly help with you your paper writing!

Example of essay writing

Essay on patriotism. The introductory part contains definition of patriotism and sets an overall direction of the paper. The writer hypothesizes that patriotism is directly related to cultural background and religious beliefs. The body section contains references to several studies and includes examples of the most patriotic nations (Americans, Iraqis, and Germans). The writer pays special attention to the wartime periods.

Persuasive essay sample

Paradise Lost essays. The purpose of this paper was to persuade the reader that the main character was negative rather than position. However, as the writer argues, the negativity was caused by the situations, while in essence the character was positive. The issue of individuality vs. societal pressure is also discussed. The author persuades that the societal pressure eventually undermines individuality.

Sample argumentative essays

Argumentative essay on social concerns. The writer argues that smoking in public places, as a social concern, should be banned because it violates the rights the non-smokers. The special emphasis is made on harm caused to health of people around smokers. Ideas are supported with recent studies on the issue. Some space is devoted to the basic rights, freedom of choice, and majority vs. minority themes.

Descriptive essay sample

How to write a life/professional experience essay. This paper question falls under category of descriptive essay writing. The writer told the story from his life: when he was 6 years old, his parents died in a car accident. It was the moment that has changed the life of this boy. He has made a decision to become a doctor and help other people. Some reference is made to psychological suffering of a little kid and the influence of that situation on his life and professional choice.

Essay writing sample research paper

Foreign policy and poverty essay. This research paper is aimed at linking foreign policy to poverty issue. The write hypothesized that poverty is spreading because of inadequate foreign policies which contribute to further impoverishment of poor countries. The gap between poor and rich countries is continuously increasing. Even though the global community is alarmed with poverty of the third world countries, no efforts are taken to prevent poverty. Some of the initiatives are successful; however, without global support and commitment, foreign policies would remain ineffective.

Sample scholarship essays

College entrance essays. Scholarship paper is focused on academic accomplishments of the student. Special attention is paid to participant in group projects, individual achievements, and school work. The writer covers motivation of the student to pursue the degree in the chosen field of study.

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