English essay writing guide

The key to good English essay writing is simplicity that is saying what you mean in a clear, direct, and simple (though engaging) manner. Follow these steps to achieve English essay writing simplicity:

  1. write English essay
  2. take a cooling period
  3. return to the English essay in a couple of days
  4. reread it
  5. search for anything that detracts from the meaning and obscures English essay writing clarity
  6. remove any words, views, or expressions that are superfluous.

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Many college essay writers think that using big words (for example, accede to versus allow; acquiesce versus agree; reside versus live) and discipline-exclusive jargon enhances the merits and profundity of what they are writing in their English essay. In reality, however, jargon and big words often obscure what an essay writer is trying to say.

Complex and specific words may turn English essay writing into largely inaccessible and meaningless to others. Sometimes, of course, it is genuinely difficult to avoid discipline-specific jargon. For instance, in essay writing on ethics and bioethics, words like ethics, morality, rights, duties, deontology, teleology, and so forth, on account of having specific philosophic meanings, cannot be avoided.

To overcome the problem of these words making English essay writing obscure and unclear especially when writing for a novice audience you must explain upfront what these terms mean.


The hallmark of a good writer is someone who can make complex ideas accessible and meaningful to every reader. A good mind with a good idea should strive to make that idea understandable. One strategy that can be used to keep a check on the use of words whose meanings may be obscure to others is to:

  • identify the big words in the process of English essay writing
  • ask yourself whether the inclusion of these words is necessary or whether there are other simpler words that could be used (consult a dictionary and/or a thesaurus)
  • seek the advice of an ally reader on whether the sections of English essay writing you are concerned about are as obscure as (beware also of being overly self-critical).

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