Good English essay topics

English essay topics: Ecological problems.

“Ecological problem is the problem of relations between society and nature, preservation of the environment. For thousands of years people constantly increased their technical ability, strengthened interference into nature, forgetting about necessity of maintaining its biological balance. Especially sharply was increased pressure on the environment in the second half of XX century. In the relationship between society and nature occurred quality jump when as the result of the sharp population increase, intensive industrialization and urbanization of our planet, economics began to exceed the capacity of ecological systems to self-purification and regeneration. Consequently, the natural substances circulation was broken in the biosphere, and the health of present and future generations is under the treat...”

English essay topics: Terrorism.

“Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and in its scope and intensity, of its inhumanity and cruelty now turned into one of the most urgent and pressing problems of global significance. The manifestations of terrorism leads to massive losses of human life, it destroyed spiritual, physical, cultural values that could not be recreated for centuries. It breeds hatred and mistrust between the social and national groups. The terrorist attacks led to the establishing an international system to combat with it. For many people, groups, organizations terrorism has become a way of solving problems: political, religious, national. Terrorism refers to the types of violence crimes, the victim of which could become innocent people, anyone who does not have concern to the conflict...”

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