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  • Writing an essay compare your thesis statement, reasons for wanting to write an English essay, and your stated writing aspirations with the statements of another aspired student writer and discuss the similarities and differences in your responses.
  • Drawing on your own personal observations and experience, identify English essay topic which you would like to cover while writing.
  • Evaluate how strong you feel about the topic you have chosen, whether you know the subject area well enough to write about it, and whether the topic is worth of writing (if this evaluation yields a poor result, choose another topic).
  • Find a mentor who is willing to support you in achieving your English essay goals.

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The process of writing English essay begins at the moment you decide to write and physically sit down to commence the work. The challenge, once you start writing, is not merely to keep focused on what you are doing and to keep writing until the English essay has been completed, but to write well. Most books addressing the art, craft and science of successful writing acknowledge that an essential ingredient of 'good writing is style. Style is important.

While writing English essay, it is not enough to know what to say; you must also say it in the right way!

The first impression an editor gets from any piece of English essay writing is the author's style. The topic may be a good one, the words like clothes, they may cover it; but if they are sloppy, prosaic or dull, or merely inappropriate, the editor has to drive himself to get through the English essay writing. The question is: what is the style, and can it be taught?

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  • Plagiarism is a serious offence and it is far easier to detect than you might think.
  • There is no such thing as a stand alone quotation.
  • Description rarely contains propositions.
  • Generalizing results in wider implications.
  • Giving your writing a shape is often a matter of emphasizing one part or one argument more than any others.
  • Go through your draft English essay and find out how many ideas it deals with.

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