English admission essays

English admission essay is your chance to show your leadership abilities that you have already demonstrated in any field: either at school or in public life. For example, you may be asked to answer the question about an ideal manager:

  • Who is an example for you in the professional field?
  • What qualities, as you think, should have an outstanding manager?
  • Have you met or worked with such people?
  • Tell us how you were affected of his (her) style of leadership?
  • If you could choose, who would you like to be and why?

MBA schools get information about your professional ambitions as you tell about different leaders while writing admission essay. From your English essay, they make conclusions that are based not only on what you have learned, but also taking into account who was your teacher. It is clear what is valuable for you from your English admission essay. It is the same as you can learn a lot about the person after you have seen his friends or family. If you are in doubt on how to write an essay, try to compare energetic and engaging leader with passive one and you will see the difference in characteristics.

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Great importance is played by the way you characterize the person while writing English admission essay. In other words, do not choose the sound name – it will not surprise an admission committee. Do not write your English admission essay about Mother Theresa, for example. Millions of other students have already written their English admission essays about her. Choose someone less known and tell why and how this person has influenced you.

Be creative and do not be afraid to sound unprofessional!

English admission essay writing is narrative – you do not have to persuade anyone! Your admission essay writing should be short and clearly written. Never exaggerate your qualities, skills, or experiences! English admission essay writing can be a challenge, however, it is worth to spend at least several days writing and rewriting your English admission essay.

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