English essay writing outline

Outline gives essays a coherent structure and, most importantly, helps to ensure that the question is fully answered. Although all essays need planning, you should keep in mind that there are two different situations when essay should be written: as a coursework and as a take-home exam. Clearly, under the time pressure of an exam, planning is done in a hurry, but it is done more critically at the same time. In the case of essays written at take-home exams, it is the best to begin planning by analyzing English essay topics and then writing down all ideas that seem relevant. This process is called brainstorming gathering ideas in any order as they come to your head.

Having all ideas assembled, it is necessary to set a suitable framework for English essay writing.

A structure may be suggested by the topic of the academic essay, for example.

In the case of longer essays, coursework or research paper, planning is a two-stage process:

  1. before reading: using the college essay topic to develop an outline structure;
  2. after reading: modifying the outline and adding details.

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Paragraphs are the basic building blocks of English essay writing. Well-organized paragraphs help readers understand the argument and help college Essay writers structure their ideas effectively. A paragraph is a collection of sentences that deal with one subject. All paragraphs contain a topic sentence, which is often, but not always, is stated the first. Other components vary according to the nature of English essay topic. Introductory paragraphs should contain definitions to terms, while descriptive paragraphs include a lot of detail. Other sentences give examples and offer reasons supporting your ideas.

You need to turn a critical eye toward possible subchapters.

Quite frequently essay contains so many headings that almost every paragraph becomes a separate chapter. The central problem in this respect is that many students think that they can circumnavigate transitions among individual units of thought by simply insertion of subchapter headings. However, a subheading fulfills the function of introducing a new aspect only. It cannot link or connect two paragraphs or units of thought and, therefore, leaves the reader puzzled by the breaks in the overall flow of your argumentation. It is helpful to read through your text while leaving out all subchapter headings.


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