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It is a proved fact that you can improve your own writing by reading good essays. However, most students achieve good writing only by substantial essay editing and multiple revisions. Read works of good essay writers and think what makes their work easy to read. If you find something you read hard to understand, ask yourself why it is so and how it could be improved. Continuous perfection of your English essay writing skills gives you an opportunity not to make the same mistakes again while writing English college essays.

The most things to keep in mind are reading and rereading of your works.

Your supervisor is also a good source to give you feedback on your writing essay style, and to advise whether your usage of language suits the research area in which you are working. Lastly, don't be too defensive about your essay writing. Even the best essay writers have their work criticized. Listening to and responding to criticism, gives you an opportunity to improve your English essay writing.

English university essays

Getting started can be an intimidating experience even for the most accomplished essay writers. As one writer put it, ‘The sight of a blank sheet of paper always intimated me; I felt too discouraged to even try more than a sentence or two’ (Bryant, 1999, p. 7). This writer eventually overcame the intimidation she felt at the sight of a blank sheet of paper and is a successful author and seminar leader now who has taught thousands of aspiring writers on the art, craft and science of writing.

Feeling intimidated by a blank sheet of paper or a blank computer screen and feeling daunted by the task of commencing a new work is entirely normal and more common than is admitted publicly.

The key to overcoming the frustration and discouragement that inevitably comes with it is to:

  • be clear about what your English university essay writing goals are and to focus persistently on achieving them
  • get straight down to the business of choosing a topic and deciding on your audience commence the process of writing.


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