English essays

It is important that you clarify your writing aspirations and goals right at the outset of your English essay writing. This can be achieved by spending several moments on completing a simple self-assessment exercise that requires you to consider and note down:

  1. What do you want to write about?
  2. What audience is going to read your English essay?

What do you wish to achieve with your writing?

Different student will have different mission statements, different reasons for wanting to write an essay, and different aspirations in regard to what they want to achieve with their English essay writing. These differences are to be expected and should not be used as measures for assessing the possible strengths and weaknesses of your own statements.

What is important is that you, as an aspiring academic essay writer, are:

  1. clear about what you want to achieve
  2. determined to achieve your goals
  3. prepared to take the action and put in the efforts necessary to realize your English essay writing aspirations.

Writing English essay

Once you have selected a topic, determine your audience. It is important to be clear about your intended audience. Your intended essay audience can have an important bearing not only on what you write, but also on how you write your English essay.

When deciding on your essay audience, focused attention needs to be given to:

  1. identifying whom, precisely, you want to inform (for example, is your target audience discipline specific or multidiscipline in nature, novice or expert, gender-specific or gender-neutral, and so forth)
  2. deciding on what you want to inform them about
  3. clarifying why you want to inform them (what are you trying to achieve by communicating your essay ideas and views)


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