English essay topics

How to choose English essay topics? Our observations and intuition are the best sources of essay ideas and topics. Look through your textbook or ask your teacher for assistance.

Key issues and critical topics can be identified by:

  • being observant
  • looking for imperfections in things
  • noting your own and others' dissatisfaction with things
  • searching for causes
  • being sensitive to implications
  • recognizing the opportunities embedded in controversy
  • following your interest/curiosity.

There are many examples of how personal observation, frustration and dissatisfaction, searching for causes and being sensitive to the implications of situations can yield rich material for English essay writing. Once you have chosen a topic for your English essay writing, there are a number of other considerations that need to be taken into account.

Specifically, you need to consider whether:

  • you know the subject area well enough to be able to write about it
  • you feel strongly enough to write about it (for instance, do you have a real passion for the subject area?)
  • anyone would strongly disagree with the position or viewpoint you are wishing to advance
  • English essay topic is worth addressing at all.

English essay writing

Getting started on new academic English essay writing can be an intimidating experience, even for the most experienced essay writers. In order to overcome this ‘block’, it is important that be clear about your academic essay writing goals and focus persistently on achieving them. Be very discerning in choosing a topic and in deciding on your audience.

You should also find a mentor - someone who can be a ‘friendly critic’ and who can support you on your English essay writing journey!

Once you have decided on these things and have in place the necessary supports, you are in a position to engage fully in the process of essay writing. This is where the real essay writing work begins

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