Topics for Argumentative Essays


Topics for Argumentative Essays

Searching for fresh topics for argumentative essays is very often a real challenge. Usually, students spend much time trying to pick the best and the most suitable topic for their essays. As a result, the wrong topic may be selected, and a student may face the writer’s block. In order to avoid this problem, we suggest you try one of the below mentioned strategies for picking topics for argumentative essays.

Seeking topics for argumentative essays: Strategy # 1

Probably, the easiest way to pick a topic is to look through the list of argumentative essay topics that your tutor offers. Even if you cannot choose any particular topic for your paper, you are sure to get some new and fresh ideas for your paper.

Seeking topics for argumentative essays: Strategy # 2

Revise the topics discussed at your classes. Is there any of them that requires specific research or might be investigated and discussed from some other perspective? Probably, some of them were especially interesting to you, so, they might be good topics for argumentative essays.

Seeking topics for argumentative essays: Strategy # 3

Look through a couple of online essays. A lot the ideas that might be developed in your essay by clicking on the button showing/hiding a brief summary of a certain essay.

Seeking topics for argumentative essays: Strategy # 4

Ask your forum friends about their experience of writing argumentative essays. What topics did they choose for writing? What topicsfor argumentative essays did their tutors provided them with?

If you do not want to bother yourself searching for topics, look through the following list of argumentative essay topics and select the one you like most of all.

  • Many people think that abortion is a murder, others consider it to be a need. What point of view do you support?
  • Opinions about the capital punishment have always differed. Many people believe that capital punishment should not be applied at all, others support it. What I your point of view on it? Give enough arguments to support your opinion.
  • There are lots of women suffering from domestic violence. Do you think that the phenomenon of domestic violence is normal or you are against it? Provide enough reasonable explanations to support your point of view.
  • Some people consider Muslim terrorism to be the result of Islamic beliefs. Others are sure that religion is not the root of terrorism. What do you think about it?

We will also be much pleased to get a couple of fresh and interesting topics for argumentative essays from you!

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