Satirical Essay


Satirical Essay Writing

One of the most frequently asked questions after a student gets a task to write a satirical essay are what to satirize about, how to do it. That is why we decided to give you several satirical essay ideas in order you not to be frightened of satirical essays writing. You can choose any of the existing satirical essay topics for your satirical essay; the main question is how to achieve satire within your satirical essay, is not it?

Well, there are several ways of presenting your satirical essay ideas: while satirizing yourself, satirizing some famous people, satirizing some social groups, satirizing politics, satirizing some facts or events taking place in your city. Let us have a closer look to each of the above-mentioned satirical essay ideas and speak about which information to mention.  

  • Satirizing yourself. This is the best way to make your readers to understand all the features of character, which are unpleasant and ridiculous to other people. While you are writing about, so to say, your typical bad habits, people recognize themselves in you. You do not flay or offend anyone, as you are writing about yourself; however, in that very time your readers see themselves in your portrait and start thinking over their behaviors.
  • Satirizing some famous people. It is rather simple to satirize famous people, as while you start flaying someone who are famous, people recognize them immediately. However, at this point, you are not to fall into discussing the private life of the famous people, as it is not very ethical; you are writing your satire essay for your college and not for some tabloid. Better focus upon their funny ways of behaving, dressing, talking, etc.              
  • Satirizing social groups. Here you can choose any of satirical essay topics you like. Doctors, drivers, lawyers, clerks are considered to be the perfect objects of satirizing. There are a lot of special things about them: way of talking, way of working, way of eating, etc.
  • Satirizing politics. As a rule, all the promises of politics remain only promises. This is a great point to satirize about. However, your task is not to claim or to blame politics, but to satirize them.
  • Satirizing facts. Take any of the recently events which took place in your city and expand on them in a satiric way. Draw a ridiculous and interesting outline in your satirical essay with the help of irony. There is always something funny about each social event to discuss.

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