Research Paper Thesis


What Is a Research Paper Thesis?

In overall, research paper thesis is not much different to the non-research essay. The difference lies in one aspect: while writing a research paper thesis you need to gather additional information to support your ideas with specific evidence, facts, and relevant sources. Of course, you need to include your own personal opinion on the stated problems; however, you cannot avoid supporting your thoughts with references.

Good research paper thesis should have a number of elements upon which your instructor will evaluate the overall quality of your writing skills and research efforts. These elements:

  • Clear topic and consistent focus on the topic throughout the whole research paper thesis
  • Wise and relevant use of the secondary information on the topic and proper citations
  • Careful organization, clear wording, and sufficient discussion of secondary literature
  • Academic standards for formatting, grammar, presentation, logic, etc.

Research Paper Thesis Characteristics

Your research paper thesis should be exploratory in nature. It means that you need to explain something to your readers, try to persuade them to accept your point of view, or close the gap in current knowledge on the topic. The topic statement should be expressed in a single sentence which serves as the backbone for the whole project.

Thesis statement is usually placed in the introductory paragraph. It should cover the key aspects of your central idea and guide the readers through the body section. If you plan to write a research paper about global warming causes for example, your thesis statement should present three central causes you plan to develop in the main body.

Moreover, you should take into account that research paper thesis should include your own ideas. It means that you have to include secondary data and support it with your own impressions, understanding, and critical thinking. If you do not include your own impressions, your research paper thesis will not be strong enough and may get low grade.

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