Research Paper Outline Examples


Research Paper Outline Examples 

Research paper writing is an academic assignment given to students with the purpose of exploring either theoretical, or methodical, or practical aspects of the specific question. Even though research paper writing may appear similar to term paper writing, it does not mean that research paper and term paper are the same academic assignments. Research paper writing should include the following steps:

  1. Gathering of information
  2. Interpretation of data
  3. Development of ideas
  4. Organization of thoughts
  5. Drawing of conclusions

Each step of research paper writing should be given equal portion of your time and efforts. Moreover, every aspect of research paper writing is an essential part of your education and professional experience!

Research Paper Outline Steps

There are different steps to research paper writing. The typical research paper should include a choice of the topic, preliminary research, thesis statement writing, tentative outline creation, first draft writing, revision of the outline, and final draft writing. The choice of the topic depends in several factors. In particular, the chosen topic should be interesting and challenging. In addition, the research paper topic should be narrow enough to allow in depth research without taking several weeks of your time. Pay attention to the materials found in catalogs, magazines, books, newspapers, encyclopedias, and, of course, the internet.

Research Paper Outline Elements

  1. Introduction: state a research paper thesis and the purpose of writing a project
  2. Body: present all arguments in an essay form to support your thesis statement
  3. Conclusion: summarize the results of conducted research

While organizing your ideas, you should keep in find that the initial outline may different significantly from the final version of your table of contents. Why does it happen? The differences occur because when you start writing your outline, you may not have a clear vision of all ideas you plan to include. Therefore, the flow as well as organization of your research paper will change in the course of writing in the result of additional research and information gathering.

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