Research Paper and Term Paper Topics


Research Paper and Term Paper Topics

For the vast majority of students, choosing a research or term paper topic is a real dilemma. Mostly, students worry about the possibility to make the wrong choice that usually lack of sources or personal interest may cause. In this article, we will give you some useful recommendations for choosing research and term paper topics. Here, we will also suggest you several research/term paper topics that may arouse your interest.

First of all, we would like to remind you that research/term paper topics are usually of controversial nature and are regarded as grounds for discussing and debates. This is number one point you should keep in mind when searching for research/term paper topics.

Research/term paper topics require from a writer finding an answer to the research question set as well as persuasive argumentation of the point of view developed. Research/term paper topics should be presented clearly for the reader to get the subject of research at once. Usually, research/term paper topics are statements. Still, it is also acceptable to formulate them in a form of a question.

Research/term paper topics usually cover some issue related to the subject where the paper is assigned.  This means that research/term paper topics may embrace enormous field for investigation. That is why it is important to specify them by narrowing down to a certain problem.

So, once your professor has provided you with the list of possible research/term paper topics, but none of them seems to be interesting to you, take advantage of the topics presented below:

  • The problem of abortion in the USA;
  • Multimedia: a friend or foe?
  • Should pornography be restricted by law?
  • Should homosexuals serve in the armed forces?
  • Doping in modern sports;
  • Smoking as a problem for people around;
  • Cheating in schools of the USA;
  • Cancer as a social scourge;
  • Should tobacco companies be responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths?
  • Plagiarism and ways of combating;
  • The problem of women’s emancipation;
  • Should juvenile criminals be punished as adults?
  • Should death penalty be legalized in all parts of the USA?
  • Should tobacco and alcohol be advertised on TV?
  • Does TV make negative impact on child development?

As you can see from above, research/term paper topics may cover different aspects of life and be considered from different perspectives. You just have to choose the one you like most of all.

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