Research Essay Topics


Research Essay Topics

If you are writing a research essay, you will definitely find this list of good research essay topics useful for your writing. These research essay topics are interesting to explore, but you should also keep in mind that they are too general and you need to narrow them in order to craft a concise, professional research essay deserving an A+ grade! If you are in need of a good research essay written on an interesting topic from scratch, you may request research essay writing services at our site and get an original paper on time! We write research essays from scratch to your requirements and instructions!

Research Essay Topics: Race and Ethnicity

  • Is racial profiling legitimate?
  • What are the benefits of Affirmative Action?
  • Racial disparities in criminal justice
  • Medical care among racial and ethnic minorities
  • Racial stereotypes on television and in media

Research Essay Topics: Sexuality and Gender

  • Salary gap between women and men
  • Homosexual topics covered by television
  • Pornography and prostitution
  • Homosexual marriage and law
  • Gender differences in education

Research Essay Topics: Diversity

  • English as second language in U.S.
  • Bilingual education or English-only
  • Immigration policies

Research Essay Topics: Marketing

  • What is unethical marketing (to children, disabled, etc.)
  • Racial stereotypes in advertisements
  • Advertising of tobacco and alcohol on television

Research Essay Topics: Economic Issues

  • Should there be a tax on tobacco and alcohol?
  • The causes of financial crisis of 2008
  • The economic gap between rich and poor countries

Research Essay Topics: Sources

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