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Proposal Essay Writing

Proposal essay is often referred to a problem-solution paper because you are expected to propose a reasonable solution or solutions to the stated problem. While writing a proposal essay, you should inform the readers about the problem you are going to solve, and present specific actions and recommendations.

Thousands of proposals are written daily in all aspects of our life. There are business proposals aimed at retaining current clients, there are governmental proposals aimed at solving the national problems such as poverty, etc. Proposals are essential for existence of the world. Therefore the choice of topics for your proposal essay writing is rather wide.

Proposal Essay Writing Tips

At the heart of proposal essay writing is the specific argument you make. In this regard, proposal essays have much in common with position papers. In particular, you need to state your opinion on the issue and then show where the problem is and finally present solutions. You need to analyze the issue and take a specific firm stand on it. You need to be convincing in your writing and provide supporting evidence.

Proposals, unlike other types of academic writing, are more than just descriptive paper. Your responsibility is to urge the responsible parties for action in accordance to the recommended solution you offer. Depending on how convincing your proposal essay is, you will either get an A+ or fail grade.

Proposal Essay Topic Ideas

  • Explore the scientific issue and offer a solution to it (systematic proposal essay)
  • Take a political issue and offer recommendations on how to address it (for example, national hunger or poverty)
  • Discuss a social problem such as teen pregnancy and propose preventive measures
  • Argue in favor or against the affirmative action by providing specific recommendations on the issue
  • Discuss a business dilemma (decreased sales, for example and show how a company may overcome it

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