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Process essay is one of the academic assignments which cause additional headache to students. Nevertheless, process essay writing is not as difficult as it may appear at the first glance. This article is written to help you write a good process essay writing without spending endless hours reading through different tips and lengthy guidelines. So, let’s write an impressive process essay together!

Process Essay Tips

Process essay writing may be focused on any topic which encompasses process in it. For example, the way you learn to tie your shows or jumping the rope all may become good topics for process essay writing. You do thousands of different things every day and all of your actions include a process. For example, you may write how you get to school, how you do your homework, how you spent your last night with friends. Any of these topics may b turned into an excellent process essay.

However, you should also keep in mind that process essay writing is not the same as descriptive essay or narration. In particular, process essay should focus on description of steps or it may serve as an instruction for others. It means that you do not need to describe the haircut of your best friend but rather offer a recommendation on how to become friends with that person.

Types of Process Essay Writing

  • Explanatory process essay: this type of essay deals with the description. Your reader (your instructor) wants to understand the process better and gives you an opportunity to share your ideas about the specific process. You need to explain how or why something has happened. Of course, to succeed with this type of process essay writing, you need to know everything about the process itself.
  • Instructional process essay: this type of process essay deals with the set of instruction. You need to provide your reader with the detailed guidance or directions on how to do the process successfully. For example, you may write about the process of writing an essay. You need to mention the tools, materials, or ingredients of any other type which may be needed by the reader to do the process.

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