Photo Essay


What Is Photo Essay?

This is a collection of images, which are organized in a definite order. In this case, the collection of images demonstrates the progress of concepts, images or events. Actually, the photo essay tells the same story as the standard college essay. The main difference is that the standard student’s essay is transferred into visual one.

Photo Essay Guidelines

It is rather interesting to make photo essay as it is a perfect way to transform a written essay about your family, friends or some events into visual story. So what should each student keep in mind before creating photo essay:

  1. First of all, you should choose a topic. Photo essay will be more interesting if you take case about your story. No matter what the main subject of your photo essay is, you may choose any that grasps attention of your audience. You may create photo essay about your family, school, college, birthday party, friends, etc.
  2. So, the topic was chosen and it is time to make a research. If your photo essay is about your school, you may include all interesting photos related to the school, your favorite class, your teacher, your classmates, and etc. In short, any interesting photos you may find in your album. As to the photo essay about your family, here, you are free to tell the whole story about your family. Let’s start researching your home archive!
  3. Now, it is time to think about real story you want to tell your audience. In spite of the fact that everyone has a family, you need to tell awesome story about your family.
  4. Each story that you write or tell must have a definite core of emotion or value. You story must provoke definite feeling such as joy, fear, excitement, angry or sympathy. The story need to be full of sense and you task is to open this sense to your listeners. Emotionality from your side finally will transfer to not indifferent listener of your story.
  5. Finally, you should arrange your shoots. The best way to plan your photo essay is to imagine as if you are writing it. Each photo is your sentence or may be paragraph. So, connecting photos, you start “writing” you assigned work.

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