Persuasive Essay Prompts


Persuasive Essay Prompts

Persuasive essays should convince the reader to agree with your view or course of action.  Persuasive essay prompts includedefining the scope ofatopic which is debatable. If there are two sides to an argument then you should have understood both sides of the picture to write a persuasive essay.

Persuasive essay prompts will allow you to arrive at a strong counter argument that is supported by adequate evidence to persuade the reader; by validating and verifying your stand on the matter.

Persuasive Essay Format

No amount of persuasive essay prompts will prove adequate if you do not follow the precise instructions and format.

Firstly while writing a persuasive essay you must keep in mind that the topic you are writing on is not an established fact-since it will then not be debatable. For instance if you choose a topic like ‘The world is round.’ You cannot right a persuasive essay on it because there can be no arguments against the statement.

Persuasive Essay

The topic sentence should state your position in a clear and direct manner. Then argue your position in logical steps directly through to the conclusion. This will lead to the reader’s support for your argument.

Any persuasive essay prompts would be incomplete ifyou do not maintain an impersonal and objective tone throughout your essay. This means that you should avoid words like “I think” You would rather say, “It is the contention of this essay that…” and then go on to give the two opposing points of view ending with your own assumption.

Avoid Rambling On

  • Once you state your case in the introductory paragraph, go on to give 3 good reasons that support your argument. Since a persuasive essay is a five paragraph essay; reserve each of the three paragraphs for the elaboration of each of the three points - supported by quotes, examples or statistical facts.
  • Do not make broad generalizations or use a personal tone. Keep it objective and logical so that you can easily persuade the reader to empathize with your view.
  • Make sure that every word and sentence you write is related to your central point and that it strengthens your stand further. You can achieve this by using appropriate transition words between paragraphs to clarify your argument.
  • No amount of persuasive essay prompts can be complete without a word on the conclusion. In these crucial last few lines you need to reaffirm your earlier argument in a convincing manner with a note of finality. This will show that you are confident and prompt the reader will see the sense of what you say.

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