Personal Statement Help


Personal Statement Help

Well, you are given an essay question, and now you need the starting point for writing your paper. Actually, what you need is a good thesis statement on the problem under consideration, and here you will find the most effective personal statement help.

Personal Statement Help: The Definition of a Personal Statement

Many students confuse thesis/personal statement with a simple statement of a well known fact. This is the greatest mistake that one may make when writing an essay, and in order to avoid it, one should learn the definition of a personal statement. A personal statement is a sentence that clearly delineates your personal viewpoint on the essay question. Usually the personal statement is placed at the beginning of the introductory part and supported in the main body of an essay.

Personal Statement Help: The Functions of a Personal Statement

A personal statement serves to determine the main purposes of the discussion. You can use it as an instrument for investigating the scope of the problem set.

Personal Statement Help: What a Good Personal Statement Should Be Like

The most import ant thing about the personal statement is that it should briefly introduce your personal opinion about the problem. A good thesis is brief, concise, and clear.

Personal Statement Help: How to Formulate a Personal Statement

Answer the essay question directly. Write your answer somewhere on a sheet of paper. Do research, then come back to your statement. Think what can be changed to improve it.

Personal Statement Help: How to Support Your Personal Statement

You have to support your thesis statement in the main body of your essay. For this purpose you need think of supporting ideas and collect a number of evidences, examples, statistical data, etc. Present each idea supporting your personal statement in your essay body and ground it with an example or some proof. Remember, all this should be done in a logical consecution.

Personal Statement Help: What a Personal Statement Should Not Be Like

As it has already been mentioned above, your thesis should not be like a statement of a well known fact. It should not be too wordy, just the main idea of yours for the reader to get your message.

Personal Statement Help: Where to Get It?

If formulating a thesis is much difficult for you and you urgently need personal statement help, the number one person you should consult is your tutor. Ask him/her what is expected from you, and you are sure to receive a really valuable piece of advice.

Hope this article will serve you as a good personal statement help. Good luck!

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