Othello Critical Essay


Othello Critical Essay

There exist some themes which will always be topical. Love and hate, faithfulness and betrayal, will and destiny… These topics are revealed in Shakespeare’s plays, and may be this is the secret of their timeless popularity. Well, in this paper you will find some useful tips on writing an “Othello” critical essay.

Othello Critical Essay: Tips on Structure

  • To make a good introduction of your “Othello” critical essay write about the Italian tale, that was adapted by Shakespeare. 
  • In the main part of your “Othello” critical essay speak on the main problems depicted by Shakespeare in this play. “Othello” can be referred to as a story of betrayed trust. Being an open and sincere person, Moor could hot have imagined that his “honest” Iago could manipulate other people at his will. In the person of Iago Shakespeare embodies all possible human vices. Iago is extremely egoistic, his philosophy can be presented as “Homo homini lupus est”. These absolutely antagonistic outlooks cannot exist side by side.

Othello Critical Essay: Topic Ideas

  • Another problem to speak about in your “Othello” critical essay is the personality of Moor. If you study some critical material on this play, you will see that literary critics interpret the character of Othello in absolutely polar ways. He is referred to either as a hero or an egoistical jealous man. You can present your own vision of this problem; just try to support your point of view with some effective arguments.
  • Well, one more point to discuss in your “Othello” critical essay is racism. Mean Iago is from a noble Venetian family, and he thinks it gives him the right to blame Othello just because the color of his skin. Well, some critics think that Othello has acted in a very impulsive way, which is characteristic of Eastern people. Others think that dark skin just made Othello different from the rest of characters. He was different from the crowd because of his noble soul, perhaps the author tried to emphasize this in such a way. 
  • Among all characters of the play the most interesting feminine personage to analyze in your “Othello” critical essay is, no doubt, Desdemona. She is an embodiment of purity and innocence, everybody likes her. Desdemona does not care about public opinion, she lives, guided by her heart. That is why Othello almost could not believe his happiness and adored his young wife. 

Othello Critical Essay: Writing Help

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