Opinion Essay


Opinion Essay: Follow Opinion Essay Format

Opinion essay does not demand from the writer to treat the subject under consideration in an objective way, alternatively, in order to write a good opinion essay a student has to present his or her own opinion at the subject under analysis. However, this is not enough to mention your own point of view at the subject; you have to prove this very point of view with a number of arguments in order not to be blamed in being not furnished with evidence by your professor. Examples taken from the personal experienced and some reliable scientific sources are those to make your opinion essay be of the proper opinion essay format.

Your opinion, as it was already mentioned, should be explained and justified in your opinion essay, in order to do this you have to use different quotations taken from some secondary sources. The more sources you have the better.

As any other kind of academic writing, your opinion essay should consist of the following parts: the introductory part, the body of your opinion essay, and the concluding part.

  1. Do not forget to mention your own opinion at the subject in the very beginning of opinion essay in order to make the reader be informed what he or she is going to read about. The introductory part should comprise all your opinion essay ideas, which you are going to deal with in your opinion essay writing.
  2. The body is the part where you should convince the reader that your opinion is the only one, which is worth of having. All the examples, quotations, reasons, and evidence should be presented and extended upon in the body.
  3. In the conclusion, you have to sum up all the main ideas you have mentioned in your opinion essay and to prove the relevance of you opinion once again.

When you write your opinion essay, try not to be too personal and not overfill your opinion essay with the examples taken from your personal experience. You see you have to create some balance between the examples taken from your own life and the examples taken from some either historical or axiological sources.

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