Literary Research Paper


Literary Research Paper

A literary research paper deals with analysis of various literature genres, such as novels, short stories, poetry, etc. However, there may be no analysis section, which implies discussing and explaining passages from the written work. This article is written with the hope to assist you with literary research paper writing from scratch.

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How to Write an Effective Literary Research Paper

The following tips are prepared by our expert writers to guide you through the process of literary research paper writing. Of course, there are many other tips you need to be aware of; however, these advices are very useful as well. Therefore, do not miss your chance to take full advantage of these recommendations:

Tip 1 – As in your literary research paper you should speak about author and author’s opinion, about interesting places of the novel and strange features of characters, about deep meanings and feelings, you need to possess a good knowledge of the novel you discuss, author of this novel and other related aspects useful for writing. Therefore, pay your attention to all information which you may use for your writing activity. It may be notes from literary courses, previous term papers and their reference lists, Internet sources and library catalogues.

Tip 2 – Do not forget to cite all information properly. Even if you do not use additional sources for your literary research paper writing, it does not mean that you should not cite anything. Poem, novel, and even article analysis should include a reference list or works cited page.  

Tip 3 – Style of literary research paper writing should be close to expository; however, it is important to remember about structure and presentation of main ideas. For example, formulate your purpose of writing and the thesis sentence in the introductory part.

Tip 4 – You study literature, so presentation of several facts of the novel and nothing else may cost you several points’ removal, as you have not presented any citation from the novel. Use every possibility to prove your point of view with several citations and their explanation afterwards, as you write a literary research paper.

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