Literary Analysis Essays


Literary Analysis Essays: Tips for Writing

Literary analysis essay is the piece of academic writing which presents your own critical evaluation of the given poem, novel, play, or story, its interpretation. Sometimes the assignment of literary analysis essay is supported with the list of literary pieces you have to choose from while your literary analysis essays writing, sometimes you are going to receive some definite assignment, which you will have to make an analysis of, and sometimes you will neither be presented with the list of literary pieces to choose from nor with some definite assignment.

At this point, you are the only one to choose the literary passages to deal with in your literary analysis essay writing.

One of the mainly spread mistakes in literary analysis essay writing is instead of analyzing a given piece of literature, the student starts to make a review of it. Leave review to the book review essays, literary analysis essay presupposes investigating and analyzing.

In order to write a good literary analysis essay it is necessary to have some definite knowledge in this matter. If you are not acquainted with the main requirements from literary analysis essay, it will be very difficult for you to get the highest grade.

Literary Analysis Essay Writing Tips

  • Avoid the use of past tenses, as it is a grave mistake. Only present tenses should be used while your literary analysis essay writing, this is one of the main rules.
  • Never place yourself in your literary analysis essay; third person narration is what you have to follow in your literary analysis essays writing. Such pronouns as I or you are considered to be mistakes.
  • Do not write a periphrasis of all the literary passage you are dealing with in your literary analysis essay writing. Retell the events only in case if it is necessary to give the evidence of what you say.
  • Pay a close attention to the literary language of the item you have to make an analysis of. Analyze it in terms of the abundance with different figures of speech and tropes. If you are not acquainted with such notions as allegories, allusions, meioses, zeugmas, puns, alliterations, similes, metaphors, etc, you will fail to write a good literary analysis essay. Turn to the literary terminology vocabulary in order to get to know all the necessary information you need to write your literary analysis essay.

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