Literary Analysis Essay


How to write literary analysis essay?

Writing essays is a tool of selection of the best students and checking their knowledge upon the specified subject. Such a trial allows to value personality, world-view, and level of thought originality and feelings of author. However, anyway the volume of knowledge as well as specified subject or topic is equally important, though essay is antipode to traditional writing.

Before writing literary analysis essay you should decide on such things as what you will be writing about, how much its volume will be and what manner of writing you can use.

If a topic of literary analysis essay is free to choose, so you need to relax, try to imagine, what is pleasant for you to tell or discuss. What amazed and shocked you? What were you thinking or dreaming a lot? Just free your mind and the topic of essay will come. A topic of literary analysis essay can be any that concerns literature, writers and their works. For example, here are some topics from the first book of essay classic Michel Eyquem de Montaigne:

  • About grieve,
  • About liars,
  • About prophesy,
  • Ceremonial at meeting of two reigning persons.

While choosing a topic one should not forget that essay will be graded mainly not for the topic, but for interesting and original approach you have used to disclose the perception of this topic.

If you are to write a literary analysis essay for the first time, you are interested in the question, what language you can use for writing. Here are some tips for the newcomers into the writing sphere:

  • First do not try to amaze at any cost. Mannerism and artificiality do not substitute sincerity and originality of feelings and emotions.
  • Only personal view on the problem puts simple text on the next level of essay.
  • Nevertheless, remember that essay does not express only your opinion, because it is your response to the given event or work.
  • Therefore the volume, form and structure do not have certain definitions.

Among all types of literary analysis essays a literary analysis essay on the ‘Lottery’ can be singled out. ‘Lottery’ is a story written by Shirley Jackson, describing the unusual lottery in a New England town. Nevertheless, this story has actions happening in it. The lottery does not give money or prizes, it takes life of one person in order to continue life circle sacrificing live people.

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