Interesting Research Paper Topics


Interesting Research Paper Topics

  1. Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life movement
  2. Affirmative action: minority and women employment
  3. Bilingual education vs. English only classrooms
  4. Child abuse, alcoholism in family, and domestic violence
  5. Assisted suicide, euthanasia

Of course, this list of suggested topics is rather short. Nevertheless, these are the five top research paper topics assigned by instructors in the American colleges and schools. If you decide to focus on another topic, you should keep in mind the following rules of successful research paper topics:

Interesting Research Paper Topics Should

  • inspire you. This feeling appears when you know your topic exactly and are ready to suffer long hours to find interesting information to present your arguments, to write a paper, which meets all requirements, and to do everything to make your paper the best.
  • give a choice to argue on opinions. It will not be a fascinating process of writing, if you have only one position on a subject matter. You need to present more than one opinion on it, and then your paper will be able to raise some debates from the side of audience.
  • be unique and challenging. If your topic does not differ from others by some aspects, you will not have good chances of getting a high grade. If you write about things, which are known to everybody, then your paper will be a clone or copywriting model of good papers. Invent yours!

Advice from Our Experts As Of Interesting Research Paper Topics

  1. An interesting topic may be considered from two sides: first, it should be interesting for you; second, it should be interesting for your readers. As you see, the assignment to choose interesting research paper topics is insidious, as you need to put these two aspects together, what requires critical thinking and use of your own experience.
  2. Interesting research paper topics are interesting in case if you keep abreast of the times, in other words, you know what issues are topical nowadays and may state at least few words on them. If you are acknowledged in something on 50%, you may find information on other 50%. Then you will kill two birds with one stone: you will be able to orientate in a topic well and present information from different points of view.
  3. Your aim is manageable research paper topics. Ideas stated in any journal, magazine or Internet article about interesting research paper topics might be too easy or too difficult for you. Therefore, you should always control your knowledge and ask yourself, whether you will be capable to cope with a topic.

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