History Research Paper Topics


History Research Paper Topics and Ideas

If you are a student attending history classes, you are likely to write a history research paper; therefore, you need to think out several interesting history research paper topics. For many students, it is rather difficult to find good research paper topics for history projects as there are so many issues to cover!

Which topic is the best one? How to decide on the topic from a specific list give by the instructor? How to narrow the topic? How to find supporting evidence? All of these and many other questions run through your head when you think about research paper topics for history.

Ways to Choose History Research Paper Topic

The following strategies may be used to choose history research paper topics which suit your interests and instructions the best.

  • Current events

Write your research paper focusing on the analysis of the current events, tracing the causes and explaining the potential outcomes. There are many current topics such as elections of Barack Obama, terrorism, war between Israel and Palestine, etc. Just open any newspaper or journal and you will find wealth of topics for your current history research paper.

  • Historical events

Historical events offer many opportunities for research paper writing. In particular, you may take any history textbook and point your finger randomly to any chapter in the table of contents. Of course, it would be better to choose the topic which is of interest to you. Are you interested in politics of France in 17th century? Go ahead and create the great research paper!

  • Important people

Any country in any part of the world there are people who make the history. If your history research paper topic is devoted to the United States of America, you may conduct a simple search online “important people in the history of the United States” for example, and you will have wealth of names to choose from.

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