Global Warming Research Papers


Global Warming Research Papers

By definition, global warming is an increase in the average temperature worldwide caused by the greenhouse effect. If you are writing a global warming research paper, you have an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics related to this natural as well as human-induced phenomenon.  

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Secrets of Global Warming Research Paper Writing

  1. You may encounter a situation when nothing new can be written about global warming because everything you could write about has been already said by other writers. Therefore, you need to focus on original writing and try to use your own ideas, vision of the problem, or solutions to the problem of global warming
  2. The special attention should be paid to introduction and conclusion sections. For example, introduction should state why the topic is important and highlight on the key ideas you plan to uncover in your research paper. Conclusion should include no new ideas, only short overview of the whole project.
  3. Write a good outline for your global warming research paper. It is a good idea to revise your outline several times in the process of research. When you have an outline at hand, you are able to organize your ideas better and ensure logical flow of ideas.

Global Warming Research Paper Topic Ideas

  • Greenhouse effect: causes and results
  • Global warming scenario
  • The future of humankind in the light of global warming
  • Solutions to global warming
  • Current strategies to address global warming

What Sources Can You Use For Your Global Warming Research Paper?

Internet resources and sites, which provide information about global warming, for instance:

  1. EPA Global Warming site:
  2. Global Warming Central:
  3. The U.S. Global Change Research Information Exchange Office:
  4. World Climate Report:
  5. Evidence For and Against Global Warming:

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