Global Warming Research Paper


Global Warming Research Paper

Over the last 100 years the global climate has much changed:  the winter became warmer while the summer became colder.  In addition, the weather predictions have become harder to trust and most of the predictions are short-term.  Nature is preparing many surprises for the global community.  Some of the scientists attribute the weather and climate changes to global warming. 

While writing the global warming research paper, the special attention should be paid to facts, not assumptions.  In your research paper, it is a good idea to look how the climate has changed over the last 100 years in the particular region of the globe.  In addition, the climate changes should be related to the information about general weather changes, temperature of the oceans and air, ozone layer depletion and even the melting of the ice. 

Writing research paper about global warming

The topic is rather wide and the writer needs to identify the overall direction of the research paper.  The development of the thesis statement is one of the ways to narrow the topic.  The thesis statement should be presented in the introductory part of the research paper and gain the interest of the reader. Research paper should follow this format:

  1. Introduction – general data about global warming and purpose of your investigation
  2. Literature review – provide critical overview of the information available on your specific topic
  3. Methodology – state the method you have chosen to conduct a research (sometimes, this section is not needed)
  4. Data analysis and Discussion – present and discuss your findings: what did you find out, what is the importance of your findings?
  5. Conclusion – summarize the key findings, state whether the purpose of research paper writing was met
  6. References – do not forget to include a full list of sources used for research paper writing

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