Expository essay


Expository essay

There are as many types of essay as many guidelines how to write them. Sites are lost with the definition of an expository essay. It is “how to” essay or such of, involving, or assisting in exposition; explanatory essay. There are long definitions, which do not give exact information about expository essays.

Our site will try to help you to find out what an expository essay is and what it is for.

Actually, an expository essay makes some processes clear and gives step-by-step description of them. It is not for the stating the facts or information – it is just like instruction, but in the form of academic type.

Here we explain you the types of expository essays. They answer on such questions as “how to do anything?”, “how to analyze anything?”, “how to describe or explain a process or event?” and so on. They can be included into tests and look like questions, for example:

  • Explain the situation before the World War II.
  • Explain how shops do discounts.
  • Describe the form and function of keys.
  • Compare two samples of modern writing.

Expository essays can be written in response to the specific topic asked by a prompt. Like any other essay, an expository essay has a certain structure, which is divided into the introductory part, the body paragraphs and a summary conclusion. The context defines the size of your essay, that is why you should specify the exact requirements at your advisor.

What should you write about?

What is not understandable is to be written about and explained. The writer should give all in details, analyzing it simultaneously. It is not opinion, persuasive or other type of essay. It is a unique essay and gives the description to the parts of process, reports about an event and so forth.

The important elements of writing an expository essay are:

  • Reading articles thoroughly, with understanding of theses and facts,
  • Identification of the audience and giving your reasons,
  • Analysis of outlined information and stating the results.

The revision of the essay is an important part of the writing. Rereading you can notice some unfinished or not understandable parts and want to change it for better. It is learning and analyzing and it may help in the future while making your career.

Structure is on the first place

A good expository essay is aimed on the distinct structure of thoughts. The thesis statement should support the idea of whole essay, the supporting thoughts should start new paragraph, the transition words and word-combinations should reflect the logical order.

And in the conclusion should not give new information, but state thesis and supporting thoughts in other words and sentence structure. The way you finish your expository essays should make a reader memorize the essay.

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