Essay Writing Guide


Essay Writing Guide

If you have been asked to write an essay that will have a significant impact on your term grades and you are still quite at sea about how to go about writing an ‘A’ grade essay than this essay writing guide is especially for you.

As an essay writing guide that aims to put you on the right path to essay writing success-you should always start of on the right foot by choosing a topic that you are most familiar with. Extensive knowledge and love of a particular topic are the foundations on which a good essay is built- so always choose a topic that you are interested in and passionate about.

As an essay writing guide read on for some useful tips on how you can come up with a winning essay every time.

Essay Writing Guide Tips

  • Do your research: the main idea behind an essay is to act as a source of information that will act as a platform for further analysis. So the first step to writing an exceptional essay is to research, research and research. Ensure that you have read through all the prescribed sources and make notes while doing so.
  • Put on your thinking cap: read intelligently in order to draw conclusions from the readings. Make this the central focus of your essay
  • Arrive at outline: this essay writing guide warns you that ‘A’ grade essays do not magically get written out in the first shot. You have to do the groundwork by first drawing out a structure or plan. Start by asking yourself-what is the main purpose behind your essay? To do this read the research and instructions carefully-you will then be ready for the next important step-writing an attention grabbing introduction.
  • Jot down your thesis statement # circle the most important point in your outline and zero in on this as your thesis statement.
  • The body paragraphs: next circle the next three or four important points in order of importance and study how they flow logically to validate your thesis statement. Use transitory words and phrases to ensure a clear smooth flow from one logical thought to the next
  • Lastly reinforce the learning’s in your concluding paragraph.

This essay writing guide assures you that if you:

  1. keep the above tips in mind while writing your essay
  2. And end it with the proper referencing format
  3. As well as follow up with editing and proof checking

Then you are bound to end up with an essay that your professor will sit up and take notice of.

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