Essay Writing


Essay Writing

An essay is an important teaching tool to gage your understanding of a topic as well as your analytical capability. Successful essay writing is an art. If you have been asked to prove your capacity as a student through essay writing, read on for some easy steps on how you can start writing that winning essay.

Essay Writing. Step 1-Plan

  • What ever you do, you should NOT start essay writing all at once. Planning is the key if success is to be the outcome, so first put your thinking cap on and GO!
  • One of the first things you need to do before you start essay writing is to arrive at an outline. Before you do that, ask yourself all the possible questions about the topic like-where? When? How? What? Why? Who? Then focus on the one that relates most to the essay topic.
  • Once you have zeroed in on the most important point reword it carefully to form your thesis statement. Then jot down other points that can verify your thesis statement.

Essay Writing. Step 2- Research

  • You need to find out all there is to know on the topic so that your essay writing has a wellinformed tone. You should ensure that your facts bite in to the topic instead of chewing all around it. What ever you do, do not meander off the point.
  • Make sure that you read the prescribed sources of books and articles. Essay writing should be based on credible facts. If you make an assumption; back it up. Get the dates and chronological order right. For effective essay writing ask yourself, how you can best answer the question to lend credibility to your thesis statement.
  • Find quotations that back up your main idea from other expert sources; or interview people who have a first class knowledge about the topic. This will lend credibility to what you write.

Essay Writing. Step 3- Jot down your ideas

These can be in telegraphic point form so that you can gage the flow between ideas that should follow in a logical order. State the most important point first and then the rest in order of importance and relevance. Do this by categorizing the information so that it highlights your thesis statement

Essay Writing. Step 4-Start writing

Once you have completed these preliminary steps essay writing can begin in earnest. Now is the time to transform thoughts in to meaningful sentences. Think, plan and research before arriving at a thesis statement and an outline for quality essay writing.

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