Essay Outline


Essay Outline: The General Information

When students start writing their essays, they need to prepare thoroughly. The preparation includes not only collecting information and analyzing materials, but also writing anessay outline. In other words, an essay outline is a table of contents, which show the structure of your essay.

In case you miss this important step of writing an essay outline, you may risk your time, because you will think about structure during writing, you may mix something or overlook. We may help you to put in order your essay structure parts by following guidelines:

  • Use the standards of writing. You write your thesis sentence and pay attention to the completeness of it, as it is a pivot for the further writing – in each of next paragraphs you will discuss each important point of your essay.
  • Some students think that a process of writing anessay outline is difficult, because it is more interesting and easier to write thoughts as they come up to the mind. But to construct an essay outline is not easy matter, especially if your analyzing skills are not so good.
  • You should give accurate information about the point you discuss in the paragraph from the first sentence, and this very sentence should be modified into the point of the essay outline.
  • Anessay outline should be understandable for readers. Do not use difficult terms and specific metaphors for it. Everything should be clear from the first sight, as all difficult words should be disclosed in context.
  • Make your essay outline in the way it arises interest by readers. Provide vivid details and headlines.

Attention please! The Main Steps

If you cannot generate a line for your essay outline, read the following steps for making it clear:

  1. You have many thoughts in your head? So write them down – everything that you think upon your topic.
  2. Take out the most important ideas from your spontaneous writing and rewrite them, making sentences.
  3. Look at your sentences and put them in order – more interesting things to the end and general ideas to the beginning.
  4. Narrow or make wider your ideas and try to set them into such structure: Introduction, Body Part (3-4 subsections) and Conclusion.

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