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Academic essay is reflection about any non-trivial problem; unrestricted, but well-reasoned intellectual search. The essay suggests the author to emphasize his/her individual position on the assigned issue. In this case, the essay writer is the only creator. Composition in the genre of the essay requires the author's ability not only to demonstrate the amount of knowledge, but also to focus on his/her own feelings and experience. The style of the essay is notable for paradoxicalness, figurativeness and aphoristic character. To send a personal perception, the author of the essay involves many examples, conducts parallels, and chooses analogies, using all sorts of associations. College essay is characterized by the use of multiple means of artistic expression: metaphors and allegorical images of the characters. Academic essay will look richer and more interesting if it presents unpredictable conclusions, unexpected turns, and interesting linkages.

The Art of Writing

Keep in mind that the essay title is not directly related to the topic: in addition to reflect the content of the work it can be a starting point in the author's thoughts, to express the attitude of the part and the whole. Free composition of the academic essay should be subordinated to its internal logic. The main idea of the essay should be found in "colorful lace" of the author’s thoughts. In this case, the raised problem will be addressed from different sides. In selecting issues for presentation, get to the bottom of the problem. Be sure that in your list of major and minor questions you have selected the basic one. Writing an essay, do not forget about logic. Logic, for example, suggests that you treat in order definitions, the goals, the problem, and the solution or solutions.

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