English Argumentative Essay


English Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires the student to analyze a topic, collect, and evaluate supporting evidence, and establish a position on the given issue.

The argumentative essay, in essence, is devoting to taking a side on an issue under discussion and giving evidence to show why the chosen side is correct. It is important to keep in mind that you should give both sides of the argument in your paper in order to show your knowledge on the topic as well as to defend your position against the opposing viewpoint.

English Argumentative Essay Elements

  • Thesis statement

Thesis statement is the key sentence of your argumentative essay as it shows your position on the topic and guides the reader on your line of argumentation. Thesis should be very specific and narrow in context.

  • Transitions

Logical transitions from one idea to idea make your English argumentative essay easy to follow. It is what keeps your essay together. Without logical progression of thoughts, you will fail to defend your argument

  • Support

Supporting evidence is vital for strong argumentative essay writing. Do not forget to rely on reliable and reputable sources only. Do not use Wikipedia as a source; your instructor will not like this idea.

  • Counter argumentation

As it was mentioned above, counter arguments showing why the opposing point of view is wrong are necessary for your argumentative essay writing. Otherwise, your instructor may consider you arrogant of the opinion of others.

  • Conclusion

Conclusion should be a logical summary of the whole essay. You need to restate key ideas in this section. Please keep in mind that conclusion is a wrong place for new ideas. You had body paragraphs to present new ideas.

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