Deductive Argumentative Essay


Deductive Argumentative Essay

Deductive argumentative essay is a type of essay in which the most intrinsic features of deductive and argumentative essay types are mixed. Usually, a deductiveargumentative essay is assigned when a tutor wants to check students’ level of knowledge and logical thinking. The main purpose of writing a deductive argumentative essay is to draw a reasonable assertion on the state of a certain situation. In other words, you have to solve a kind of puzzle possessing enough information.

Usually, deductive argumentative essays are based on three deductive reasoning:

  1. Premise;
  2. Evidence;
  3. Conclusion.

PREMISE is a commonly known fact mostly used as the basis for making conclusions. Your deductive argumentative essay may also have several premises.

EVIDENCE is something that you can find in sources or obtain during your personal observations. 

CONCLUSION is the final result of your analysis, something that you have come up to after doing thorough research.

On the basis of these three elements of deductive reasoning, we can assume that your deductive argumentative essay writing process will consist of the following stages:

  1. Stating a problem under consideration and presenting your hypothesis
  2. For example, the problem of domestic violence will be the premise in your deductive argumentative essay. It is a commonly known fact that the problem of domestic violence exists. Yet, you should distinguish between premise and a thesis statement. A thesis statement is your personal belief while premise is something that all people believe in.
  3. Supporting your hypothesis
  4. A good deductiveargumentative essay should be well grounded, and for this purpose valid information, evidences, facts, statistics, and real life examples can be used. Just like a police investigator searches for evidences, interrogates witnesses to get proofs, etc., you should look for evidences to support your hypothesis. Surf the Web to find as many evidences as necessary to backup your assumption in the deductive argumentative essay.
  5. Drawing a conclusion 

After you provide the reader with reasonable explanations, evidences, statistics, quotations, etc., you can easily draw a powerful conclusion: your hypothesis is right. In the concluding part of your deductive argumentative essay, you are also expected to restate your thesis statement and the most powerful arguments.

After you complete your deductive argumentative essay, take a long break and only after it revise your paper. Your deductive argumentative essay revision will be much more effective if your mind is refreshed. 

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