Controversial Research Paper Topics Ideas


Controversial Research Paper Topics Ideas

Being a student at Writing Classes, you receive an assignment to write a research paper on a controversial topic. It means that for writing you need to find a topic, which is familiar to everybody and causes debates all over the world.

Your task is not so difficult: to get into an argument and express your opinion on this, basing on some facts, details and other functional information.

However, to find proper controversial research paper topics might be not easy, especially, if you are not interested in some modern issues and do not watch television. We will help you at any case!

How To Choose Controversial Research Paper Topics?

  1. Imagine yourself a big journalist, who wants to know about everything and everybody.
  2. Search through a great number of magazines, books, articles, online libraries for current topics, which affect you and provoke some thoughts in you.
  3. Jot down several general topics on the paper.
  4. Choose those relevant topics, which may serve you as controversial research paper topics.
  5. Here is the question. What topic will you choose from the list? You need only one. Some of advice upon it is below.

What About Should Be Your Controversial Research Paper Topics?

Taking into account a huge number of variable controversial research paper topics, you may be lost, what topics will be useful for you to discuss and to write a research paper, being worth a high grade. Therefore, here are some tips for choosing a good topic:

  • Choose topics, which were not taken by other students. You would have a chance to take out some forgotten facts and take a new look at them.
  • You may take a case, which is unsolved yet and give your opinion on things.
  • You should see at a topic from different sides, and then it will be interesting to read.

A List Of Controversial Research Paper Topics

  • Right of free speech in the USA and other countries
  • Does Gun Control help to effect country rules positively?
  • Meat and Vegetarians
  • Death sentence and its deterrent influence to crime
  • Reading other people thoughts: does it break their rules?
  • Crossing of different breeds of animals: for and against
  • Online clinics consultation
  • Religion against cloning and existing laws upon it
  • Rights in the family from the point of view of domestic violence
  • Who is a woman today from the point of a feministic movement?

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