Controversial Research Paper Topics


Controversial Research Paper Topics

Research paper writing is a rather tedious and time-consuming process. However, it will be much more pleasant for you if you choose the topic you are interested in. So, when searching for some catchy controversial research paper topics, think of your occupational prospects. What is innovative or controversial in your field? Below, some useful recommendations on how to choose a good controversial topic for a research paper are presented.

Try to combine some controversial research paper topics with the issues related to the area you are interested in. Maybe something you have learnt at another class will give you a good idea to develop in your controversial research paper. If you think that this idea might work for you, ask your teacher for approval. Remember, your approach should be rather argumentative than informative.

Pay attention to the latest news

  • Look through New York Times or Newsweek paying attention to the current social problems. Are there any problems in society or the world that worry you personally? Remember, it is much easier to write a paper if you are interested in the topic. You will be motivated by a desire to learn more that is so important for research paper writing.
  • Below, there are several suggestions for you to discuss in your paper. Mind that the controversial research paper topics presented here are meant to stimulate your thinking about possibilities. They should be narrowed down to a specific question that you have to answer in your paper.

Controversial research paper topics: Education

  • Mandatory competency tests;
  • Year round schools;
  • Character schools;
  • Racism on the college campus;
  • Security guards in public schools.

Controversial research paper topics: Social Problems

  • Homeless;
  • Women in military;
  • Airport security;
  • Childhood immunization;
  • Religious cults;
  • Interracial adoption;
  • Cell phones and brain cancer;
  • Antibiotic resistant germs.

Controversial research paper topics: Political Issues

  • Effectiveness of the United Nations;
  • Cuban refugees;
  • Slavery in the Sudan;
  • Nuclear weapons in the Third World countries;
  • Crisis in the Middle East.

Controversial research paper topics: Business

  • White collar crime;
  • Safety and children’s toys;
  • Foreign investment in US economy;
  • Industry’s effect on Third World nations;
  • The impact of US economy on European common Market.

After you decide on the controversial topic for your research paper, do not postpone it. The deadline may come very soon. Good luck!

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