Controversial Essay Topics


Controversial Essay Topics

If you have a number of topics to choose from and want to get your essay noticed by your professor, then you would do well to choose controversial essay topics on some hot and burning contemporary issues, as this is bound to spiral off a debate with heated views.

Controversial essay topics can spark of a controversy and even provoke a much needed dialogue on subjects such as domestic violence and rape, racial discrimination, the depletion of resources, terrorism and many more hot and burning issues that are featuring in today’s news.

Spark Off a Debate

If you write about controversial essay topics the chances are that you probably stir up the hornets nest and get your essay noticed or referred to. Like Pandora’s Box, you may suddenly open a flow of opposing thoughts and opinions on the subject. Controversial essay topics can touch on issues like the legalization of abortion, religious or political belief and social values. Controversial essay topics lead to arguments and discussions between people that have opposing views on the subject.

You can write about topics like women’s rights or any other concept or idea-as you explore various points of view on the subject. All you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears wide open for contemporary issues as you read the paper, surf on the net or watch the TV.

Controversial essay topics are usually the center of attention and grab the interest of the reader. Controversial essay topics also need to be treated with caution as you really do not want to step on someone else’s toes.  Say what you to say and air your opinions on the subject without hurting too many feelings.

Controversial Essay Topics can be on a number of subjects such as advertising ethics, aids, American prisons, the American dream; animal experimentation, animal rights, euthanasia, domestic violence, alcoholism, bilingual education, breast cancer, capital punishment, censorship, male chauvinism, child abuse, civil liberty, terrorism, cloning ethics, corporate corruption and responsibility.

More Controversial Essay Topics

Any of these carefully selected controversial essay topics will help to get your essay in to the limelight. Other controversial essay topics that you can also include in your list are –Should there be a death penalty? Why allow discrimination at the workplace; the legalization of Marijuana and eating disorders.

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