Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Tips


Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Tips

One of the most frequent assignments within academic study is an essay. Mostly, students are asked to write argumentative and persuasive essays. Actually, the main purpose of writing argumentative and persuasive essay is different. However, an essay writer should try to sound as convincing as possible when writing both argumentative and persuasive essay. That is why in this article, we will give you effective tips on how to persuade the reader that you are right.

While writing an argumentative/persuasive essay, constantly think of the question posed in our assignment

  • It will help you keep in touch with the focus of your paper and not to deviate from its topic. Think about this question while reading and researching and try to determine the following:
  • Facts;
  • Statistics;
  • Real life examples;
  • Experts’ subjective point of view.

If you want to cope with argumentative/persuasive essay writing successfully, analyze rather than summarize

  • Argumentative as well as persuasive essay writing require presenting the viewpoints opposing your personal one. If you want an A+ of your argumentative/persuasive essay, you need to reveal your analytical abilities to the reader. So, analyze the importance of different facts, prioritize, edit, sequence, and present the “hot buttons” in approaches to the problem.

Stay away from emotions

  • Argumentative/persuasive essay writing needs a certain note of confidence. Hardly will you manage to persuade your friend that you are right if you show your emotions, shout down, gesture a lot, etc. Most likely, in this case your friend’s reaction will be as emotional as you are. In order to sound convincing, you should gain self-control over what you are saying.

Do not criticize the opposing viewpoints strictly but take them with respect

  • Your reader may support the point of view opposing to yours, and you should say that it is a complete nonsense but yours is the only right. Everyone has a right for his/her own opinion, and we should take it with respect. Your main purpose is to provide as many arguments as needed for the reader to agree with your opinion.

Give quotations in your argumentative/persuasive essay

Quotations will help to establish authority in your paper which means you get more chances to sound more persuasively. Yet, remember that the quotations should be from really competent people and they should be cited properly.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to obtain perfect results and the highest grade on your argumentative/persuasive essay.

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