Argumentative Essay Topics



Is it easy to choose a debatable topic for your argumentative essay writing project. In fact, it is not a challenging task to decide on argumentative essay topics as there is a wide variety of ideas you can choose from. This article is written with the hope to direct you through the process of argumentative essay writing with the special attention paid to the chose of the topic, thesis development, formatting secrets, and professional help online.

Argumentative Essay Topic Choice

The purpose of argumentative essay writing is to create a piece of written work in which you make an attempt to change the way people think about something. Therefore, your first task is to choose the topic which has both sides of the argument: support and objection. Your next task is to decide on the position you take with regards to the topic. You should be ready to address the points of view of those people who disagree with you.

Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is nothing more than a sentence expressing your point of view on the topic. However, you should not approach this step as a very easy one. On the contrary, you should devote some time to develop a strong statement because it acts as a foundation for your line of argumentation. Finally, thesis statement should be as clear as possible to avoid confusion on your key idea.

Argumentative Essay Outline Elements

Argumentative essay should follow a clear structure and organization of writing. In particular, any argumentative essay, regardless of its topic, should have:

  1. Introduction and Background
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Arguments in support
  4. Refutation of opposing views
  5. Conclusion

Argumentative Essay Writing Help

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