Argumentative Essay Research


Argumentative Essay Research

Argumentative essay research is one of the most important stages of essay writing. It is essential, since your understanding of a certain issue got during research will be reflected in your argumentative essay. That is why one should take argumentative essay research seriously. In this article, you will find some useful recommendations on how to conduct argumentative essay research successfully in order to be ready to present its results properly in your paper.

First of all, let us consider the steps that thorough argumentative essay research requires.

Doing argumentative essay research:  Step 1. Searching for sources

Most likely, you will be searching for the information needed on the Internet. In this case you should understand that not all websites are reliable and can be used to conduct your argumentative essay research. For deep and profound argumentative essay research you are allowed to use:

  • Official websites of the world known organizations/associations (e.g. World Health Organization, National Geographic, BBC, New York Times website, etc.);
  • Web articles placed on some educational websites. In order to find such articles, you need to use advanced search and specify the domain (educational websites have “.edu” domain);
  • Works by more or less famous researchers including books, research papers, essays, etc.

Doing argumentative essay research: Step 2. Analyzing the sources

  • Once you have collected enough material that might help to backup your thesis statement, you need to read them. Remember, you do not have to read all the information found or all the 4 volumes of a certain work. Find the pages and paragraphs where the most essential information is given and do thoughtful reading. Try to define the following:
  • The points of contradiction in relation to the topic you research;
  • The points of agreement concerning the problem you investigate;
  • The arguments that both sides provide in order to support their opinions.

Doing argumentative essay research: Step 3. Outlining ideas

  • Deciding on the position to take is also one of argumentative essay research stages. So, think over the focus of your paper and where it is better to place it.
Tips for conducting argumentative essay research
  • If you feel that the supply f possible sources is endless, most likely, your essay topic is too broad and you have to narrow it to facilitate your argumentative essay research;
  • If you cannot find any sources on the topic, try to consider it from another perspective;
  • If you find a good source, search more to find other works by this author that might be useful for your essay.

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