Argumentative Essay on Child Obesity


Argumentative Essay on Child Obesity

Child obesity is one of possible argumentative essay topics that you may get. So, if an argumentative essay on child obesity is something you have to accomplish for classes, you will find this article extremely useful. Here, you will find some catchy ideas to develop in your argumentative essay on child obesity.

In order to succeed in writing an argumentative essay on child obesity, you need to see your main purpose clearly. So, what should you aim at when writing an argumentative essay on child obesity? Actually, you should present enough evidences to show that your point of view on the problem of child obesity is worthwhile.

Now, let us think of a possible introduction for your childobesity argumentative essay. In this part, you have to explain the urgency of the problem under consideration. For this purpose, you may review several articles of the World Health Organization concerning the problem of unhealthy food and obesity. This part of your argumentative essay on child obesity should also present your thesis statement on the problem, e.g. McDonalds and fast food is certainly one of the main causes of child obesity. Remember, a thesis statement is not a commonly known and confirmed fact but rather your personal belief about something.

The main body of your argumentative essay on child obesity is an analysis of different points of view on the problem. No matter whether they coincide or differ from your statement, you have to review them and give specific arguments to show these hypotheses are possible. However, the most important thing about this part is that you should focus on your own opinion and support it with strong arguments.

The concluding part of your child obesity argumentative essay should present a brief summary of what you have said above.

Now, let us give you some interesting facts about child obesity:

  • According to the International Obese Association, 22 million children all over the world are obese or overweight at 5 years old;
  • 60% people in the USA are obese, and 13% of them are children;
  • In some countries, more than 30% children are overweight or obese;
  • More than 25% of children aged 4 in Egypt, Chile, Mexico, and Peru are obese.

If you decide to include these statistics into your argumentative essay on child obesity do not forget to point out the source from which this info was taken: CBS News, 2002. Also, do not forget about the importance to cite sources according to the format required.

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