Argumentative Essay on Amnesty


Argumentative Essay on Amnesty

One of the most debatable issues frequently discussed at classes is amnesty. Students may also be asked to write an argumentativeessay on amnesty where they have to express the position on the problem and support it with a number of evidences.

It seems the problem has been discussed so many times that it absolutely does not leave any fields for further investigations. Still, this problem can be discussed from many other different perspectives. So, let us present you’re the ideas you can develop in your argumentative essay on amnesty.

Argumentative essay on amnesty: Idea # 1. International Amnesty: The World Against the Death Penalty

  • When discussing this idea in an argumentative essay on amnesty, briefly present the historical context of the problem. Since what time was the death penalty used in the world countries? Give a list of the most widely used kinds of the death penalty including shooting, lethal injection, hanging, stoning, and shooting. Are you for or against the international amnesty? Support your position with reasonable explanations in the argumentative essay on amnesty.

Argumentative essay on amnesty: Idea # 2. The Controversy of Amnesty

  • One more issue that you may raise when writing your argumentative essay on amnesty is the question of justice. Should the state let people be free if they committed plenty of crimes? Or, should these people be given one more chance in order to improve their behavior? Speculate upon these questions and give answers to them in your argumentative essay on amnesty.

Argumentative essay on amnesty: Idea #3. Amnesty: People’s or God’s Initiative?

  • Do you believe in destiny? If so, do you think that amnesty should be more considered as God’s initiative rather than people’s? Do you think that people who decide to pardon a prisoner are guided by the God’s will? Give your personal opinion on this problem in the argumentative essay on amnesty. Remember, the best way to make your argumentative essay on amnesty effective is to backup your opinion with evidences, examples, real life stories, and reasonable explanations.
  • Here are some useful tips to make your paper more proficient:
  • Stay unbiased throughout your paper;
  • Avoid emotionally colored words;
  • Use transitions between your paragraphs and sentences;
  • Always try to predict the reader’s reaction to what you are talking about and prepare an answer before a question may arise in the reader’s mind.

  So, good luck to you!

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