Argumentative Essay Ideas


Argumentative Essay Ideas

The main purpose of argumentative essay ideas is to show that the position you hold - after arguing for and against three key points - is a valid one. In doing so, argumentative essay ideas need to make the correct use of logical reasoning, authoritative sources, accurate statistics and a conclusion that reaffirms your point of view and ties up any loose ends in the argument.

You need to show that your conclusion is not based on a personal preference or subjective leanings but are backed by facts. Here are some argumentative essay ideas that will guide you on how to write a good argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Ideas: The Format

Your argumentative essay should start with a clear thesis statement. The second paragraph should reaffirm this statement by validating it with some thorough research as well as statistical information. The standard format for an argumentative essay is five paragraphs.. Argumentative essay ideas and topics can be split in to an introductory paragraph, followed by three paragraphs each highlighting a separate point and then elaborating it in a few sentences. A good argumentative essay should end with a strong concluding paragraph that ties up the loose ends convincingly and brings the reader round to accept your view point.

Just make sure that you can back the text with plenty of information on your chosen topic. In doing so go first to the most recent sources as these will summarize earlier views and literature on the subject. To be convincing, you need to back up your thesis with some solid reliable sources.

Argumentative Essay Ideas: The Structure

No article on argumentative essay ideas can be complete without touching on the logical flow of its structure. The introduction should bring the attention of your reader to the analyzed phenomenon via a strong thesis statement. The next few paragraphs can touch on previous views on the subject and why you agree or disagree with them. You can illustrate these with previous efforts at solving the argument. Logically this should be followed by the plus and minus impact of the problem and the serious fallout if the argument is left unresolved. You should also ensure that the argument is related to the facts. Conclude your essay by wrapping up and reaffirming the main idea behind your thesis statement.

These are some of the argumentative essay ideas for you to keep in mind while writing an argumentative essay.

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