Argumentative Essay Format


Argumentative Essay Format

You have just completed your argumentative essay, and it seems to be a real masterpiece that does not need any changes. Yet, we bet that during the writing process you paid no attention to your argumentative essay format. However, your grade depends much on whether there are any mistakes in your argumentative essay format. That is why it is extremely important to check your argumentative essay format after you finish writing.

First of all, find all the rules of the argumentative essay format required. Mostly, MLA is the most widely used argumentative essay format in majority of academic institutions. The reason is that MLA format is usually required for papers on Literature, Philosophy, Social Sciences, etc. APA style is mostly assigned for papers on Psychology and Exact sciences. However, Sometimes a tutor may change this requirement and ask students to write their argumentative essays in any other format.

When dealing with an argumentative essay format, pay attention to the main requirements for:

  • The structure of your paper. Sometimes students are expected to write argumentative essays consisting of three parts only. And sometimes the paper should have more paragraphs and parts according to the argumentative essay format.
  • The font required. Mostly, any 12 point legible font is available for academic papers like Times New Roman or Arial. Still, it is better to consult your tutor on this.
  • The margins. If according to the argumentative essay format required, the margins should be 1 inch on all sides, make sure that your margins are 1 INCH but not CENTIMETER, otherwise, you may get your paper back for revision or the grade may be much reduced.
  • The place where the page numbers should be set. Where should the pagination be set – in the upper or lower, the right or left hand corner? Find it out.
  • The title page of your paper. Usually, the title page is formatted in different ways according to different styles. So, make sure that you created the title page in accordance with the rules of the argumentative essay format required.
  • The bibliography list. This page has different names if should be done in APA or MLA styles. In APA it is called “Reference”, in MLA “Works Cited”. So, check whether this page is made in correspondence with the argumentative style required and has no punctuation mistakes.

The following links can also be useful in case you search for the rules of APA or MLA style:

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