Argumentative Essay Example


Argumentative Essay Example

Learning by example is always much easier. You have a visual representation of the work you have to accomplish and can make the similar paper by analogy with what you see. However, in order to avoid possible plagiarism and problems it leads to, you need to know how to use argumentative essay examples correctly. In this article, you will find several tips on how to do it properly.

·        Examine the way the thesis statement is presented in the argumentative essay examples found

Sometimes the main reason for the writer’s block for students is that they do not know what they have to prove, they do not understand what they have to aim to. This is where a couple of argumentative essay examples can be much in handy. Carefully examine the thesis statement introduced in the papers got. Where is it placed? What do the authors start his/her thesis statement with? How much space does it take in the text?

·        Examine the arguments given to support the author’s personal statement

One more trouble every student may face when writing an argumentative essay is unawareness of how a thesis statement should be supported. Find the arguments, evidences, or examples that the authors of the argumentative essay examples provide to support his/her personal statement. What sources does the author refer to in order to prove the accuracy of the thesis statement? How many arguments are provided in the text? Are they impressive enough? In what way do they help the author sound more persuasively?

·        Study the stylistic and lexical means used in the argumentative essay examples

Pay attention to how ideas are expressed in the papers. Are the sentences simple or complicated? What affect does it make on the reader? Do complex sentences make the paper difficult for reading? What language is used in this argumentative essay example? Do the authors resort to any clichés in order to make the paper sound more convincing? Are there any repetitions/tautology in the text?

·        Study the general organization of the argumentative essay examples

Find out how many parts the paper consists of. How do the authors begin each of them? What information is presented in each of the argumentative essay examples parts? Does the conclusion sound impressively? What makes such an effect on the reader? Do you feel convinced after having read the conclusion of the argumentative essay example? Why do you think it is persuasive?

Argumentative essay examples are an effective means of creating a worthwhile paper by analogy but only in case you examine them properly. So, these tips will help you do it.

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