Argumentative Essay


Argumentative Essay

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to prove that your hypothesis about a certain problem is more truthful than others’. Argumentation is not easy. You cannot argue successfully if you do not provide enough arguments and evidences to prove that your point of view is more correct than anyone else’s. You need to form reasons, make inductions, draw conclusions, and apply them to the case while discussing a certain question. In this article, you will find useful recommendations for writing effective argumentative essays.

 First of all, let us discuss the difference between persuasive and argumentative essays, since many students confuse these two essay types. The main difference between persuasive and argumentative essays lies in the fact that an argumentative essay requires just giving enough arguments to show that your hypothesis has merit. A persuasive essay aims to completely persuade the reader in the accuracy of your position.

The structure of an argumentative essay

  • Introduction – briefly present the problem under consideration. Give your opinion about it. Explain its significance, timeliness, and relevance to this problem. 
  • Main Body – review briefly books, journals, or research papers devoted to the problem under discussion. Explain how and why your position is more improved or better than others’. 
  • Conclusion – sum up what you have said, restate your opinion.

Useful tips for writing argumentative essays

Support your hypothesis only with relevant sources

Sometimes argumentative essays may look a bit funny if the writer refers to irrelevant sources. For instance, ‘According to’. The source mentioned here is not valid enough to be referred to. If you want your argumentative essay to be proficiently written, always make sure that the sources used are valid. Make use of the websites with “.edu” or “.gov” domain or the official websites of the world known organizations, such as National Geographic (website –, The World Medical Organization (, etc.

Avoid emotional arguments

Argumentative essays require keeping to a scientific style which excludes any emotionally colored words. That is why the sentences like ‘He made her feel much better’ will certainly be criticized by your tutor and can spoil the mark on your argumentative essay.

Specify opposing ideas

Writing an argumentative essay requires defending your point of view. Still, it is also essential to know exactly what you defend it against. That is why you need to specify the opposing viewpoint before you start to support yours, otherwise, your argumentative essay will look like hitting someone with closed eyes.

If you take the information presented above into consideration, you are sure to make your argumentative essay excellent. So, good luck!

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