APA Style Term Paper


APA Style Term Paper: Introduction

APA style if the most common format requested by instructor because it is easy to use and even easier to verify. However, it does not mean that students do not face any problems with applying all elements of APA style correctly. Sometimes, even a small mistake or inattentively may cost a grade.

If you have an assignment to write an APA style term paper, but do not know how to format your paper correctly, this article is written just for you. Thus, instead of reading through lengthy manuals that require many hours of research to find a single line of required information, we offer you to look through this article, which covers all essential points relevant to APA style term paper formatting.

First Gear

APA style term paper should cover three areas, namely:

  • Documentation (references and citations)
  • Page format (margins, spaces, and fonts)
  • Text rules (use of citations, numbers, footnotes, statistics, and diagrams)

You do not have to remember all rules (it is hardly possible); however, you should at least be able to check your current APA style term paper whether or not all rules are followed.

Second Gear

The following list presents the essentials of APA style term paper formatting:

  • Use 1-inch margins
  • A header  is ½” away from the top
  • 10 – 12 size format, Times New Roman or Arial font
  • One side of paper is for writing
  • Use Roman numerals for an outline
  • Double space entire paper

Third Gear

The special attention should be paid to the writing mechanics in your APA style term paper. So,

  • Do not use passive voice
  • Spell numbers from 0-9 and write figures for 10
  • Comment on every citation you have
  • Do not use a first person. Nowhere!
  • Poetic and philosophical words and statement are excluded
  • Divide your discussion in logical sections
  • Direct quotations are not advised

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